Company of Removals Andorra

We are a removal company and national and international transports in Andorra. Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway ... You decide.


Hi, my name is Marcos, in this space I want to explain how ServiFlash Removals arose. For some time now I have been thinking about creating my own company, I turned to many projects until I gave the perfect idea for me: a Removal Company national and international transports in Andorra.

At first it was a great challenge and I did not know for sure if I had chosen it right. However, things were going to happen in such a way that in about 4 years the fleet that had had passed from 1 to 9 vehicles and having 2 employees to 10. Thus, we become one of the best companies of national and international removals of the country. Satisfied customers are the ones who recommend us among your friends. And that indicated to me that we were doing well!

Marcos, ServiFlash

company of removals andorra

Our removal company in Andorra

We are a reference company in the Removals sector. Because we have a good experience both in international and national removals. We also have a very professional team, a good price and especially a friendly service with the client.

Our Team

It is very important to have a safe and effective team. Not only the human team, of whom we are very happy, but also the fleet! We have vans, vans and trucks that adapt perfectly to the needs that have been presented to our customers.

Now I can talk about a great team, that of ServiFlash Removals, in which all the workers are an important part of the tasks of removals and transport.

“Los Chicos”, so we call our team’s workers. We have been accompanied by this national and international removal company in Andorra.

Our way of working

We are very happy with the team we work with. It is true that the fleet is very important for the development of our work, but the boys are even more so because they are the human, helpful and dedicated capital that contributes great value to the company. From the outset, a way of teamwork, serious and professional was established; but at the same time nice.

We like to work in harmony, with respect and dedication. Knowing that among them they can count on each other, it is very important even for their safety. They are great professionals, they are capable and ready. We only meet them on the same team. We are a company, largely thanks to them.

Trusted company

We take good care of the belongings

The best price

Professional and friendly with the client

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